Paint Protective Film - PPF

lasting resistance | Superior corrosion protection

none yellowing | Ensuring protected areas are fresh


Drive like a new car everyday with our  Signature PPF

Our PPF is a premium top-coated aliphatic Polyurethane (TPU) or soft PVC (TPH) film with a clear, stable pressure sensitive adhesive system, designed to provide the best overall properties to protect the paint or other smooth surface from stone, stain, abrasion or impact.

Protecting your original paint is the single most effective way to safeguard your investment.

Keep your car looking newer longer with one of the highest quality, most durable paint protection films in the industry.

Our Protection Film is fully engineered to work as an invisible layer of shield over your car’s finish.



Rain Spot Resistance

Cold Resistant


No Residual Glue

Characteristics at a glance

  • Special paint protection films to protect the painted surfaces of vehicles of all kinds
  • German automotive window film developer
  • Extremely scratch resistant surface coating to protect against paint scratches, stone chips and to preserve the value of the vehicles
  • High- performance / glossy / transparent – crystal clear
  • Subsequent installation possible even on complex shapes  (good handling behaviour on edges and welds, bumpers and handholds)
  • Also suitable for motorcycles, caravans, airplanes, boats and trucks
  • Up to 1.50 m width for seamless processing

Product Construction

  • PET protection film – 51 microns
  • Self healing coating – 20 microns
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane film – 152 microns
  • Removable PS adhesive – 30 microns
  • Matte silicone release liner – 70 microns

Why choose our PPF

Our PPF developed and produced from the best TPU material available in the markets, incorporated a topcoat that not only has excellent self-healing application but it also has a high gloss and clear finish.

We used acrylic adhesive with enhanced technology that it won’t leave any residue or damage to the car paints upon removing existing PPF.

Our PPF has high temperature and UV resistance, therefore it can protect the paint surface from any heat, hot and high exposure and to preserve your original paint from getting oxidation.

PPF with anti-corrosion properties that acts as a barrier to inhibit contact between chemical compound or corrosive material that can put harm to the car paint, such as tree sap, acid rain and etc.

We hold the highest quality standards in our production process from design to unparalleled level of installation.

We are proud in making sure your car is well protected with a complete paint protection system.

Professional Assistant. Our trained and certified installers ensure that the application of the paint protection film on your vehicle is second to none.


The Product Warranty applies only when Product is maintained in accordance with Instructions, when the Product is properly installed. Signature Automotive Products will warrant for Five (5) Years from installation, and provided that the product is maintained in accordance with the spec.