About Us

Signature Window Film, has been marketing top-of-the-line professional grade window films.

Our product selections are all imported from USA tint film, Germany/EU car PPF and other Branded car coating items.

Insistence on quality combined with advanced technology and a practical understanding of the business has made the our brand becomes leading choice for professional dealers and installers throughout Malaysia and the world.

Few products available today offer such a wide range of consumer benefits and incredible value. No matter what your application, home, office or automotive, Signature Window Film come with a bundle of benefits.

Why Us?

Quality Product

Professional Installer

Value For Money

Trustworthy Dealer

Perfect Workmanship

Informative Of Product

Professional Consultation

Wide Coverage In Malaysia

Our Manufacturer

Our product is compliance to all the ISO and other certificate standard by Malaysia regulations and authority.

Professional Attendee

From your first interaction with our specialized sales staff and installation explanation, you’ll feel our commitment to the need of your car.

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Dealer Coverage

Check out our store location and be amazed with all of our well trained sales conductor for advising your needs on our products.